Our Values and Beliefs

In creating the Foundation’s current strategic plan, the Hyams trustees articulated the following values and beliefs, centered on community empowerment:

Underlying values and beliefs:

Greater Four Corners Action Coalition Boston Shines
Greater Four Corners Action Coalition members participate
in the annual Boston Shines cleanup project (May 4, 2015)
  • Communities at the forefront of change. Low-income communities' role in determining their own futures is central and paramount, and shifting the balance of power to these communities is critical. "Community" is defined in multiple ways and can be based on geography, racial/ethnic identify, age or other characteristics
  • Investment in community-based organizations. Community-based organizations that are grassroots and led by people of color play a crucial role in bringing about positive change
  • Interventions grounded in reality.   Change in larger institutions and and public policy should be informed and guided by practice and experience at the community-level
  • Collaborative approach. The Foundation respects, engages with and draws ideas and knowledge from our grantees and strives to be strong partners in achieving their goals
  • Diversity in all aspects of our work. The Foundation fosters racial and ethnic diversity and inclusion throughout the organization and in our work in the community and with our grantees
  • Stewardship of resources. In alignment with our values, the Foundation is willing to take risks to achieve our goals while exercising good judgment and openness in the management and use of our resources