Our Mission

Entering BostonThe Hyams Foundation is a private, independent foundation with a mission of increasing economic, racial and social justice and power within low-income communities in Boston and Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is a society in which systems and structures are transformed to create the conditions for increased collective well-being and produce equitable power, access, opportunities and outcomes, regardless of race.

Our Goal

The Foundation’s one overarching goal is to dismantle persistent, racialized economic disparities in Boston and Chelsea, Massachusetts.

While we recognize that this may be an ambitious objective for any foundation to pursue,
we believe that being aspirational is critical to addressing the racial equity challenges of our time.  As in the past, we also plan to carry out our work in close collaboration with others.

To learn more about how the Foundation works to achieve this major goal, please refer to Our Overall Approach.