Our Overall Approach

To pursue our mission, vision and overarching goal, the Foundation will :

Hyde Square Task Force
Hyde Square Task Force youth leaders work with the Jamaica Plain Artist Association to build domino tables (June 17, 2016)
  • support and expand those funding strategies that represent the Foundation’s experience and expertise - grassroots leadership development/community organizing and pursuit of public and institutional policy change;
  • structure our work within three levels of Foundation engagement and allocation of resources, using funding strategies that are additive in nature;
  • address three important racial justice challenges in Boston and Chelsea today, with the understanding that these may evolve over time; each one has emerged from the community, has involved active organizing and related efforts by Hyams’s grantees and others, and presents specific current or emerging policy change agendas with potential for results;
  • continue to allocate up to 10% of the annual grantmaking budget for a Special Opportunities Fund to support public policy efforts focused on addressing racial disparities that fall outside of the specific grantmaking guidelines and to provide timely responses to unanticipated and compelling community needs; and
  • increase the use of Hyams's endowment for mission/impact investments that address the Foundation's mission, vision, values and beliefs, overarching goal and /or targeted racial justice issues. 

Our Commitment to Racial Equity and Diversity

In choosing its major areas of focus, the Hyams trustees considered whether the Foundation’s grantmaking would have the potential to reduce racial and ethnic disparities.  As you will see in the grantmaking guidelines, significant and troubling racial and ethnic disparities are present in Boston and Chelsea today.  The Foundation seeks specific grantmaking opportunities that directly address these disparities.  The Foundation also considers organizational diversity in all of its funding decisions based on the belief that well-functioning organizations that also have racially and ethnically diverse boards and staff are more effective in serving and empowering Boston and Chelsea’s communities.  We use board and staff diversity as an important funding criterion while also exploring with applicants the connection between diversity and organizational effectiveness.