Partnering With Others

Partnering with Grantees

Grantee Convening

Hyams Foundation, Haymarket People's Fund, and Episcopal City Mission
grantee convening (November 21, 2015)

Connected to the Foundation’s values and beliefs is our desire to work in close partnership with grantees while also being cognizant of the power dynamics that are a typical part of any funder and grantee relationship.  We attempt to be very accessible to both applicants and grantees, answering questions and providing information and advice as requested.  Hyams staff also plays a Convening and Networking role as a part of the Foundation’s special grantmaking initiatives and in order to draw attention to a particular issue or when asked to play this role by others. 

Partnering with Fellow Funders

For many years, the Foundation also has joined with other funders to address critical priorities in the community.  This collaboration is essential as most social issues require far more attention and resources than any one funder can provide.  At times these activities have involved only private funders as with the more recently established Catalyst Fund while others like the Home Funders Collaborative have engaged both the private and public funding worlds.

Staying the Course

A key part of strong grantee relationships has been the Foundation’s tendency to fund many organizations over long periods of time.  Whether this is on a year-to-year basis or as a part of specific multi-year funding initiatives, we recognize that social change takes time and that nonprofit organizations require support as they develop new capacities or grapple with internal or external challenges.