Hyams Grantmaking Guidelines

One Overarching Goal

Hyde Square Task Force
Youth members of the Hyde Square Task Force work with
members of the Harvard Black Law Students Association
during workshops on racial justice and law enforcement
(February 22, 2016)

The Foundation's overarching goal is to dismantle persistent, racialized economic disparities in Boston and Chelsea, Massachusetts. It purses this goal by:

  • Supporting and expanding those funding strategies that represent the Foundation's experience and expertise - grassroots leadership development/community organizing and pursuit of public and institutional policy change; 
  • Structuring our work within three level of Foundation engagement and allocation of resources, using funding strategies that are additive in nature; 
  •  Addressing three important racial justice challenges in Boston and Chelsea today, with the understanding that theses may evolve over time - each one has emerged from the community, has involved active organizing and related efforts by Hyams's grantees and others, and present specific current and emerging policy changes agendas with potential for results; and 
  • Continuing to allocate up to 10% of the annual grantmaking budget for unanticipated and compelling community needs and efforts to promote racial justice that relate to but fall out side of its funding at the "base" and "enhanced" levels of engagement. 

Next Step:  Please thoroughly read the Grantmaking Guidelines .