Grant Application Overview

Click on the button “Add Application”.  The grant application is divided into several sections, and all sections must be completed.  (If you do not have an answer for a particular optional question, please put “N/A” in that field.)

To begin working on a section or to add to a section after you have saved, please click on the “Edit” button.  The sections are as follows:

General Information

  • Determine if application is for: Grant Application; Grant Application & Technical Assistance; or Technical Assistance
  • Choose one of the following Outcome Areas:
    • Community -  Identified Issues
    • Important Racial Justice Issues 
    • Pivotal Racial Justice Issue (In Development)
  • Choose Type of Request (operating or program)
  • Enter requested grant amount

Application Questions

Technical Assistance (TA)

If requesting TA, please answer the questions in this section.

Electronic Signature

When the application is complete and ready to be submitted, the Executive Director should enter his/her name and check the box labeled “Click here if signature is complete”.

Confirm and Submit

Final Step  – Click the “Checkbox” and then click on the “Save and Submit” button. The Executive Director will receive a confirmation email from the Hyams Foundation that the grant application has been received.